A Warzone update has been officially delayed by Raven

The playlist update originally scheduled for October 21 for Call of Duty: Warzone has been postponed following a developer announcement.

In an effort to keep the game going, Raven Software is releasing a playlist update every week on Warzone to add new game modes and remove others, which creates an interesting rotation every seven days. .

This allows players to be able to change air if they no longer necessarily want to indulge in the classic battle royale mode, so they can discover other game modes like Loot, Trial of Iron and many others that are just as interesting.

UAV drone in Warzone
Raven Software

With the Phantom bug, the UAV drone is more efficient than ever!

The Call of Duty battle royale development studio has formalized the delay of the Warzone playlist update on October 21. Find out all the details about the unexpected delay in this update below.

Raven Software reported the delay on their official Twitter account.

“Today’s playlist update has been delayed as we are working to resolve an issue. We do not have an approximate date of arrival. We will give more information as soon as possible. ”

We now hope that the issue they are working on is not a big deal and that everything can be back to normal very soon in Call of Duty: Warzone.


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