A Warzone player has found a parry in front of the vehicles

A Warzone player appears to have discovered the best possible use of the ballistic shield, employing it to bar an opposing player in a vehicle.

Considering Caldera’s size, Warzone players need fast transportation to navigate it up and down. To do this, they have attack helicopters, quads, trucks and even fighter planes at their disposal.

Nonetheless, while these means of transportation are more than useful for getting through Caldera, they are also deadly weapons that come to wreak havoc on Warzone from time to time.

Forced to struggle on a daily basis against their devastating potential, players compete with each other to pull the rug out from under them.


The Big Berthas may not be as devastating as they used to be, but they’re still a problem.

This is how one player demonstrated how the ballistic shield could be used to counter and eliminate opposing players in vehicles, even those in the infamous Big Berthas.

The Big Berthas of Warzone? Not even afraid !

A few hours before Christmas Eve, a player shared his hilarious counterattack on Reddit, enough to celebrate the end of the year.

Seeing an opponent approaching with a Big Berta, the player calmly waited for them to get closer before hitting the road and installing a ballistic shield in their path.

In real life, a truck the size of a Big Bertha could easily drive through this kind of obstacle, but there it stopped abruptly and bounced back on impact. From that moment on, the player just had to reap the fruits of his labor.

Some players were impressed with the effect the ballistic shield could have, which according to the author of the post would work on all vehicles in the battle royale.

On the other hand, this trick is a double-edged sword, while we set up the shield, we are particularly vulnerable and of course nothing guarantees to manage to deploy it in time.

However, when done correctly, this trick can move mountains!


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