A Warzone bug makes your weapons invisible in the Gulag

In recent days, some Warzone players have been affected by a pathetic problem that prevents them from winning their Gulag because it makes their weapons completely invisible.

Since its launch in March 2020, Warzone has enjoyed tremendous success. However, over the months, many issues have plagued the fans’ gaming experience.

And since the integration of Vanguard on the Battle Royale which allowed the introduction of a new map, new bugs and glitches of all kinds have surfaced.

And one of the more recent issues is impacting players in the Gulag.

Gulag Warzone

The Gulag has undergone multiple aesthetic changes over the seasons.

Invisibility bug kills Warzone players in the Gulag

As the recently shared Reddit user JoTHauMm1, getting out of the Gulag has become quite complicated due to a weird invisibility issue.

As soon as he entered the Caldera Gulag, his weapon did not appear in the game, preventing him from facing his enemy.

Gamers from all walks of the community have spoken out about this issue, and it appears to affect both console gamers and PC gamers.

This is also the case on PC. They should be ashamed of themselves.”Said TheLazyHerbalist, mentioning the developers of Warzone.

While many gamers believe this obscure issue might have something to do with on-demand texture display, others believe that a next-gen update could fix these kinds of issues: “It is a port of the Xbox One version. We don’t know when we’re going to have a next-gen update.”Explains one player in the comments of the Reddit post.

Unfortunately for Warzone fans, issues are rife in Battle Royale, and right now 2022 doesn’t seem to be starting on the best footing to change all of that.


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