a very violent game sweeps through the playgrounds

You do not yet know Squid Game, the new series that breaks all audience records on Netflix? Don’t panic, we’ll give you a quick recap. The South Korean series, banned for children under 16, follows the fates of 456 Koreans recruited to participate in games in which success is a matter of life and death.

The winner can indeed hope to win 45.6 billion Won or around 35 million euros. But for the others, a dire fate awaits them. Since they are being killed one after the other. Once again, despite its “teen” patina, this series is not at all designed for children. This did not prevent many of them from looking at her.

Pupils Engage in Violent Squid Game in Playgrounds

The result is that the series begins to roll out of Netflix… including in the playgrounds. However, if you have watched the series you will find that the games in question are at best ultra-dangerous and humiliating – at worst, they can lead some children to the hospital. This is why, as reported by La Dépêche du Midi, the Belgian establishment of Erquellines had no other choice but to send a note to the parents.

This is an elementary school, and apparently a large number of students there reproduce a game that we see in the series. Management explains: “This week, a teacher came to see me telling me that around noon a child had been whipped by another student. She asked him how it went, and the child said to her: ‘We play this game that goes on in the series,’ 1, 2, 3, sun ‘, and whoever loses gets a hit’ ” .

So far, no child has really been hurt. But it could happen, especially since it’s on top of other common playground issues like harassment and exclusion. In a letter supposed to alert parents, the management assures him:

“We are very vigilant so that this unhealthy and dangerous game is stopped! We are counting on your support and collaboration to make your children aware of the consequences that this can cause […] Sanctions will be taken against children who continue this game ”.

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If you notice that your child is finally the victim of this game or of harassment, it is advisable first to speak to the management of the establishment. Two national toll-free numbers are also available. The 3020 “No to harassment” and the 0800 200 0000 “Net listens”. In the event of proven harassment, the report will be sent to the institution’s academic advisor.


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