A Stargate-style portal interconnects the inhabitants of two cities in real time

It is a project which aims to unify the peoples. In Lithuania, the city of Vilnius had a gate installed. This makes it possible to interconnect the inhabitants with those of a Polish city, located more than 600 km away.

A portal that connects two cities in real time
(Crédits: Vilnius Tech LinkMenu Factory)

It looks like it was mistaken at the gates of the stars of the Stargate universe. Which allow you to travel quickly in the galaxy, from one portal to another. Obviously drawing their inspiration from the successful series, the cities of Vilnius (Lithuania) and Lublin (Poland) unveiled their futuristic portals this week. As the Lithuanian capital explains in a press release, they allow the inhabitants of the two cities to be interconnected in real time.

In detail, they have the shape of a circular door decorated with a large screen and cameras. You probably guessed it, they won’t allow teleporting like in Stargate. Vilnius residents will mostly be able to see live images of Lublin (and vice versa) there via the Internet, as you can see above.

The project took five years to materialize. Its purpose is to bring together people from different cultures. Such a portal thus makes it possible to create a symbolic bridge between peoples. The underlying objective is to fight the prejudices that harm the unity of the world.

A portal to bring them all together

President of the Benediktas Gylys Foundation, Benediktas Gylys is the initiator of the project. He details the message he wishes to propagate via this portal:

“Humanity faces many life-threatening challenges; be it social polarization, climate change or economic issues. However, if we look at it closely, it is not a lack of brilliant scientists, activists, leaders, knowledge or technology that is causing these challenges. Rather, it is because of tribalism, a lack of empathy and a narrow view of the world, which is often confined to our national borders ”.

Hence the idea of ​​this portal, “A bridge which unifies and invites to overcome the prejudices and the disagreements which belong to the past”. In the future, the organizers intend to install dozens of other portals across Europe and the world.



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