A second French car factory closes, 2,000 employees affected

While the automotive world is still in crisis due to the shortage of components, particularly semiconductors, very telling repercussions are being set to work in the country. Since June 14, the legendary Sochaux factory, the historic headquarters of the Peugeot house, has been shut down.

Still in the Stellantis group, it is the Rennes-La Janais factory which suspended production in the last hours. According to management, this shutdown is scheduled to last until July 1, the time to replenish stocks and restore work to factory employees.

A forced stop until the beginning of July

According to the communication department of the Rennes factory, which spoke to AFP, “we managed to get by and work at full speed” since the beginning of April, after a very complicated year 2021. for the sector. In this factory where production is limited to Peugeot 5008s and Citroën C5 Aircrosses, the shutdown is experienced as inevitable.

Also according to the factory’s communication department, employees should be entitled to an unprecedented training system in the coming weeks so that they ” rise in competence”. The idea here is not to leave anyone idle despite the crisis.

On the side of the unions, the announcement is taken with great understanding. The CFDT explains that despite the preferential position of the C5 Aircross on the market today, he who meets “a commercial success”the Rennes-La Janais production site can be seen “forced to stop due to a lack of parts, particularly on the car radios”.

Untraceable parts and a worsening situation

In short, an “unfortunately predictable” stop for the unions. The latter are also very worried about the situation in Sochaux in the large Peugeot factory. Here, nearly 12,000 cars will never see the road because of the crisis. For the labor force union, it is a real tragedy for this mythical factory in the French industrial landscape.

For its part, the Stellantis group tries as much as possible to obtain these parts, but deliveries are rarer every day. In addition to the pandemic which had already slowed production plants on the other side of the world, the very great instability of the political spectrum makes maritime traffic complicated, and the goods are sometimes blocked for weeks in a region of the world before to be able to reach France.

A semiconductor factory in Europe: the only solution?

An unprecedented disruption that forces Europe to react. On the Brussels side, politicians are trying to find companies that are ready to invest in the old continent to set up technologies and factories of the future, such as those that produce semiconductors in Taiwan.

For the moment no agreement has been reached with the current giants of the sector, and the companies dependent on these parts are obliged to play with the laws of the market to have ever rarer and ever more expensive products.


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