A rival to the iPad Pro, the Xiaomi tablet is at a staggering price (40%) 🔥

AliExpress is all about Black Friday. Since the start of the week, the world leader in e-commerce has not stopped unveiling offers on tech products. Among these, we find new and exclusive deals. Today, you have the opportunity to save money on the Xiaomi Mi Pad 5.

Thanks to the current offer, Xiaomi’s Mi Pad 5 in 256 GB version sees its price fall to 329 euros instead of 449 euros with the code FRXI45. The 128 GB version is already out of stock, it disappeared in less than a few hours last night. Remember to enter the code before confirming the order in order to take advantage of the maximum discount. We must also act quickly because this premium tablet can go quickly

To take advantage of the discount on the Mi Pad 5, it’s here:

See the AliExpress offer

The Mi Pad 5 is Xiaomi’s most recent tablet, it has only been available on the market for a few weeks. AliExpress had already slashed its price during Single Day in mid-November, but we didn’t expect it to do it again for this huge Black Friday. This is the last opportunity of the year to save so much on the device.

The Mi Pad 5, a tablet against the iPad Pro

If Apple has its iPad Pro, Xiaomi has its Mi Pad 5. The latest addition to the range, this device has everything to compete with that of the Apple brand… Except the price. The price comparisons are obvious, we find the Xiaomi tablet from 399 euros for the 128 GB version while that of its rival starts at around 800 euros. With the current offer on the AliExpress site, there is no photo. Especially since the characteristics of the model are excellent: let’s see what there is to know about this new version.

First, the Mi Pad 5 benefits from a beautiful 11-inch WQHD + screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. It is compatible with the Dolby Vision standard while its four speakers are compatible with Dolby Atmos. Xiaomi has also integrated a True Display mode which allows you to watch videos in a dark environment without damaging your eyes. With this model, you are guaranteed to enjoy top quality images and sound. There is also a Smart Pen which can be very useful for artistic creation.

Next, Xiaomi’s Mi Pad 5 relies on an 8,720 mAh battery, which gives it a battery life of several days on a single charge. Once again, Xiaomi does better than the competition with this undeniable technical advantage. On the photo side, the premium tablet is entitled to an 8 Mpx photo module on the front and a 13 Mpx photo sensor on the back. This is useful for video conferencing, whether for leisure or work.

See the AliExpress offer

Finally, you should know that the Mi Pad takes advantage of the powerful Snapdragon 860 chip. It is one of the most high-end and most recent processors from Qualcomm. Thus, you enjoy a smooth overall experience without the risk of latency even when you use mobile games or heavy applications. We also note the pretty design of this premium tablet, it is sober and delicate for refined finishes. Xiaomi is doing very well with a model of this quality which comes with an accessible price even without discounts.

An offer on the AliExpress website

AliExpress is investing heavily in Black Friday. On the tech side, we’re not satisfied with Xiaomi’s Mi Pad 5 – despite the fact that these offers are as crazy as the quality of the premium tablet. The cyber-merchant is attacking all the most popular brands, whether Xiaomi, OnePlus, Roborock, Dreame or Apple. This is the best time of year to find nuggets online at the merchant.

The Mi Pad 5 in 128 GB version is already out of stock at AliExpress, it will soon be the same for the 256 GB version. This model has been a hit since its arrival on the market, it has all the qualities of the ‘iPad Pro except that its price remains much more affordable (even at its initial price). At any time, this offer may disappear from AliExpress, you can follow the number of units that remain live on the site.

In addition to its discounts, AliExpress offers several codes that can be combined with discounts. This is the case for the Mi Pad 5, so be sure to add the dedicated code to pay the lowest price. More generally, check carefully if the products that interest you are targeted, these codes can still allow prices to drop on many references – knowing that their number is also limited.

Finally, the Mi Pad 5 is delivered in just over a week by AliExpress. The device is delivered quickly and at no cost from a French warehouse, you don’t have much time to wait to enjoy your new premium tablet. If we associate that with the fact that it just came out and is already on sale, we couldn’t do better. The withdrawal period gives you a little time to be entitled to another chance, in which case you are refunded 100% on the product.

To access the offer on the Mi Pad 5, it’s here:

See the AliExpress offer


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