A release date and some details for the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise

Always so monstrous

Although the PC is not the most popular gaming platform in Japan, Capcom has taken advantage of of the Tokyo Game Show to show la version PC de Monster Hunter Rise, whose release date was shared: January 12, 2022.

Like the PC version of Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, it still feels like the title was developed with the Nintendo Switch in mind, but Capcom announces having made notable efforts to make the title attractive on our war machines.

Thus, this PC port will benefit from high definition textures, in order to benefit from Monster Hunter Rise en 4K without the graphics drooling too much. Capcom is now used to satisfying the whims of pc gamers and also promises that the title will be playable au format ultrawide, will see his framerate unlocked, and with the possibility of playing keyboard / mouse combo. It’s not such a bad idea with ranged weapons. Oh, and an integrated voice chat will be there, unlike (and too often) on Switch.

The good news doesn’t end there: a playable demo will be available no later than October 13, with the promise that Sunbreak, the Monster Hunter Rise expansion announced during the last Nintendo Direct, will be available simultaneously on Switch and PC, during the summer of 2022.

Apparently, Capcom even asked for players’ opinions on a feature. backup import from the Switch. Even if nothing confirms such a feature is indeed in the boxes, that would be a great idea.


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