a price increase would be expected!

If you wait for the next flagship smartphones from Samsung, this rumor may disappoint you. While in 2021, the Korean giant has made an effort by revising its prices downwards (which has made the Galaxy S21 series more competitive), in 2022, the reverse is likely to happen.

In a recently published article, Tom’s Guide relays a source on Twitter, @TheGalox_, who discusses this possible price increase. The Galaxy S22, the base model, would indeed have a higher starting price of $ 50. Ditto for the Galaxy S22 +. And when it comes to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the hike could even be $ 100.

A price increase is never a pleasure. Nevertheless, this would be justified. Indeed, on the S22 and S22 Plus, the basic option for storage would go up to 256 GB. And with regard to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, other sources indicate that it will be almost an alternative. to Galaxy Note. Indeed, this Ultra model from Samsung would keep support for the S Pen, and would also have a slot to store the stylus.

In essence, anyone looking for a new smartphone to replace their Galaxy Note could buy the Galaxy S22 Ultra, despite the higher price tag.

It should also be remembered that like other manufacturers, Samsung is facing an unprecedented shortage of semiconductors. Also, it is possible that the price increase is partly due to this crisis.

But of course, for the moment, all this information is still unofficial. And therefore, caution remains in order.

In addition, given that the launch of the next Samsung flagships is not yet imminent, other rumors should still circulate. And some could contradict the information we are relaying today.

Presentation in February?

No date has yet been announced by Samsung. But according to some media, the Korean giant could unveil the Galaxy S22 and its variants at an Unpacked event in February, after presenting the Galaxy S21 FE in January.

Among the novelties, there will certainly be a new generation of processors, more efficient. A priori, some units will use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 898, while others could use a new Exynos chip with a GPU designed with AMD to bring this company’s technologies to mobile.

However, rumors indicate that Samsung has finally ditched its new Exynos chip and may therefore only use Qualcomm Snapdragon chips. But here too, caution is always in order.


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