A playable demo to discover the potential of Humankind

Available since August, Sega and the Parisians d’Amplitude Studios gives the curious the opportunity to discover their ambitious historic 4X, Humankind, via a brand new playable demo available on Steam, l’Epic Games Store and and Microsoft Store.

This playable demo is quite generous, since it will give the opportunity to play during the first 100 turns of a game, with the possibility of combining the 14 crops available through the first 3 eras. It is also possible to test the map editor and avatar creation.

The release of the demo coincides with an important update that allows to better adjust the end-of-game conditions, just to enjoy a little more the last era who does not always have time to express himself.

Already available in the Game Pass for PC, this is a better opportunity to get a clear idea of the experience offered by Humankind before taking the plunge. It would be a shame to miss it an interesting alternative to Civilization.


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