A new Twisted Metal game is reportedly in development

Smell that crumpled sheet

This is a name that we haven’t heard for a long time. License Twisted Metal offered you to slip into the seat of a car armed to the teeth to perform car fights. The latest installment was released in 2012 on PS3, but Sony is reportedly working behind the scenes for a return.

L’well-known informant Tom Henderson – who is also talking about Call of Duty: Vanguard at the moment – posted a artwork with reference to the license with a simple year as a legend: 2023.

A TV series is in the works and we could therefore think of that. This is the reason why Henderson published a reply to own Tweet : the caption of his profile which mentions: “I tweet about video games”.

Andy Robinson de VideoGamesChronicle also tweeted about it, with a few more words, which goes along with a new game.

The Twisted Metal director says he would be “really hurt” if the rumor that Sony is planning a resurrection of the car fighting license is true. “I don’t imagine they would do it without me. “

It’s embarrassing, but I’ve since been suggested that it’s true.

As with any rumor, confirmation is required before jumping for joy at the idea of ​​going back to wreck cars.


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