a new game mode that is all about strategy

Last month, Electronic Arts lifted the veil on its next football game: FIFA 23. Expected for the month of September, we then discovered the first official information on this new version which promises to bring a lot of changes with a very big contents.

Today, EA Sports launches the new version of FIFA Mobile, its football game on smartphones with, again, big changes that will considerably change the way you play.

FIFA Mobile opts for management

Electronic Arts today unveiled its new game mode for FIFA Mobile. A new way of playing that will appeal to players who like to coach their team.

Now you don’t have to control the players on your team and experience matches like on console FIFA games. With “Manager” mode, you can direct your team to focus on strategy and tactics rather than action. Thus, you will be able to choose the starting composition, but also manage the tactics in real time (such as attacking, defending or countering) and let your team play. You can even queue multiple matches as you move up the division ladder.

Of course, this free update does not transform FIFA Mobile into a management simulation as advanced as Football Manager. It is not possible to scout for talent, develop training programs or fight with the team’s board of directors. On the other hand, it is a whole new kind of game, allowing tactics to be introduced into the game. A somewhat simpler experience that rewards situational awareness more than quick reflexes.

In addition to the “Manager” game mode, the new free update for FIFA Mobile offers the possibility of improving goalkeepers. It adds player switch options and offers kits for 30 national teams. The update is available now on iOS and Android.


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