A nerf of the arsonists on their way to Warzone and Vanguard

Sledgehammer finally revealed a number of nerves and regarding the incendiary effects in Vanguard and potentially Warzone.

Besides the “broken” shotguns and bayonet worries. One special feature reigned supreme in CoD Vanguard. Whether it’s incendiary cartridges or damage from lethal equipment, fire effects have been dominant since launch.

This issue was only magnified when Season 1 introduced Incendiary Grenades. With thousands of people crying out for nerves daily, the appeals were finally heard.

Incendiary effects in the sights of Vanguard developers

Sledgehammer confirmed on January 7 that fire damage will change in CoD Vanguard but also Warzone. Although the exact date has not been confirmed, we already know a few changes to be expected soon.

The most obvious modification concerns the incendiary grenades. “We nerf the incendiary grenades by reducing the overall damage inflicted”, just say the devs.

“They will still be painful, but you will get over them.” This indicates that the equipment will probably no longer kill almost instantly. Instead, it should apply damage over time. And thus give the targets a chance to survive.

In addition to this, two Vanguard Perks have been improved to better counter fire damage. Fortified and Dauntless will benefit from significant improvements to combat the incendiary effects.

The first “will significantly reduce the damage caused by fire ”, while the second “Will grant immunity when moving through fire”.

About Warzone

Sledgehammer is “confident” that this first round of adjustments will have “A positive impact” on Vanguard, but the developers don’t stop there.

Another future update also looks to deal with Incendiary Grenades in a different way. Rather than directly modifying the damage, the next update seeks to “Reduce the affected area”.

This applies to both the ray of fire and the smoke effect that blocks sight.

No specific date has been announced for these key updates. Despite this, the developers have assured that further details “Will arrive later”.

Unfortunately, as of yet, no changes for Warzone have been announced. We will therefore have to wait patiently for what these future updates have in store for us.


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