A Loki still as unpredictable in the last teaser of the Marvel series

The first episode of the Marvel Loki series will hit Disney + on June 11. This will be the opportunity to learn more about the god of mischief who is none other than Thor’s half-brother. To make you wait, yet another teaser was released on the sidelines of an NBA game.

The Loki series

Marvel continues to paint the portrait of its characters by focusing on the format of the series. A winning choice so far. You only have to see the excitement over WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier to be convinced. In doing so, Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios are not going to stop there. A series giving pride of place to a very popular supervillain will land on Disney + very soon. Entitled Loki, it will focus on Thor’s half-brother, also known as the god of lies and mischief.

Loki should appear in different aspects

The supervillain had however been killed by Thanos in Infiny War. But the Avengers took a time jump in 2012 in Endgame in order to find the Stones and the Tesseract. Which was eventually stolen by a variant of Loki who managed to escape. Before being finally captured by the Autorité des Variations Temporelles. Under the leadership of Mobius M. Mobius, the 2012 Loki will then have to repair the chronological damage it caused in the spatio-temporal continuum.

A complex plot in the multiverse which is likely to excite the public. Anyway, know that a trailer for Loki has already been revealed. And if you want to get yet another preview of the series, a new teaser has been released, on the sidelines of an NBA meeting between the Golden State Warriors and the New Orleans Pelicans.

We learn in particular that Loki will be “Insubordinate, stubborn and unpredictable”. Which suggests that the supervillain will not hesitate to appear in different forms, like Lady Loki who would be played by Sophia Di Martino. We will obviously know more from June 11, date of broadcast of the first episode of the series Loki on Disney +.


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