A little family quarrel in 4K to formalize Tekken 8

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The last State of Play clearly did not have time to procrastinate by starting with a family drama: a father beats his son to death by striking blows of incredible violence… but fortunately the victim knows how to fight back. You may have understood this, but we had the right to the first gameplay images of Tekken 8.

The next opus of the famous fighting license of Namco Bandai had already been noticed at EVO 2022 during the summer, during the final of the competition of Tekken 7. A very brief teaser suggested that a new iteration was on its way, and the Japanese publisher quite naturally took advantage du dernier State of Play to make it official.

Unfortunately, the trailer does not tell us much apart from the fact that the technique actually seems to be in the hair, whether it is character modelsthe effort put into the backgrounds and special effectswhile the exclusive title for the new generation will run well in 4K at 60 FPS. Even the post that accompanies the announcement dwells only on the technical part Tekken 8from which the gameplay demo was taken story mode (still in development).

No release date pour Tekken 8and as it is an announcement reserved for un State of PlayBandai Namco did not specify on the title will be released simultaneously on pc et Xbox Series S|X.

[Mise à jour 14/09 8h30]

Well, we expected a confirmation that would come much later, but Bandai Namco has indicated on its side (via Gematsu) that Tekken 8 is actually planned sur Xbox Series et Steam.

On the other hand, it will be necessary to go back to an output window.


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