A golden Wii designed for Queen Elizabeth II can be found on eBay for € 250,000

Do you have 250,000 euros and you don’t know what to do with it? We have a little idea for you: a golden Wii, specifically designed for Queen Elizabeth II, is now on sale for the sum of € 250,000. An astonishing story.

Golden wii
La Wii 24 carats. Image Donny Fillerrup

If you have 250,000 euros on hand and you are looking for a console, know that you can buy today a 24-karat gold Wii on eBay. A console that used to be specifically manufactured to be offered to Elizabeth II and which will ultimately end up in the hands of a collector. This one finally decided to part with it, on eBay.

A golden Wii for 250,000 euros

In 2009 and as part of a publicity stunt for Big Family Games – a multiplayer Wii game quickly forgotten – the publisher THQ had ordered the creation of a Nintendo Wii in 24 carat gold. This console, both unusual and expensive, was delivered at the time to Her Majesty in person, Queen Elizabeth II.

On the other hand, the queen would probably never have seen the color of this console. The latter would have finally found herself in the hands of collector Donny Fillerrup, the founder of consolevariations.com. The latter would have bought it in 2017, for an unknown price.

« In 2017 I had the chance to buy this console. I was however very discreet for 2 years. Then, in 2019, the producers of People Make Games came to interview me about this golden Wii. The announcement of the discovery of this famous lost console provoked a massive media reaction »He says on eBay.

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Donny, who ” wishes to move forward with his life And seeks to buy a house, puts parts of his collection up for sale. Obviously, the main object is this famous 24-carat gold-plated Wii, which he listed on eBay for 300 000 $. You will however have to pay your own shipping costs.

As it indicates on the eBay page, the console is in perfect working condition. The username is “THQ” and the console is on firmware 3.2E. « The Wii console itself is in good condition, no heavy use has been made “. The bottom of the serial number is very lightly covered with a red fabric on which it was displayed by THQ. Only the Wiimote shows some signs of wear.

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