A disconnection bug in Vanguard enrages players

Many Vanguard players face a mysterious bug. This bug, “Server Snapshot error” appears in the middle of matches and kicks participants into the game.

One of the worst feelings of playing Multiplayer games is getting disconnected during a game. Indeed, devoting time and effort to end up seeing you sent off in the middle of a match can be frustrating.

This is exactly what happens to many Vanguard players. These are instantly returned to the main menu due to the bug “Server Snapshot error”.

Vanguard Flamethrower

How to enjoy a game if you are in danger of getting kicked out at any time?

Vanguard’s “Server Snapshot error” bug is spreading

On the other hand, one of the most troubling aspects of the bug is that no one knows why it is happening. Or even how to fix it.

So this is the Vanguard player u / Niarbrebyc which really brought out the problem by showing a clear example of why the bug is causing issues.

In the midst of an intense match on the popular Das Haus map, the player was in the middle of a fight. When suddenly, he was abruptly sent back to Vanguard’s Multiplayer menu.

The screen was filled with a message “NOTICE – Server Snapshot error”. But that’s not all, as the video continues with two more examples. This completely justifies the original post of the post: “This bug:“ Server snapshot error ”becomes unbearable.”

With the possibility of this bug knocking players out, players will start to think they can’t fully engage in a match. Indeed, with the risk that this bug will strike and end the game prematurely for them, the enjoyment of the player will remain very limited.

Considering the frequency of the bug and how widespread it is, Sledgehammer Games should feel compelled to find a solution. Especially if they don’t want to risk losing players because of him.


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