A console release date and an open beta on PS5 for Hell Let Loose

But the hardcore FPS will be available on Xbox Series S | X

While Hell Let Loose came out of early access last July on PC, Black Matter and Team 17 have confirmed that the hardcore military shooter on the bottom of Second World War will be available October 5 on next-gen consoles.

Just to make sure everything is working well, an open beta phase will be accessible to players on PlayStation 5, from September 16 to 20. Unfortunately, the beta is aimed at this platform alone.

It is good to note that all content already available on PC will not be immediately offered on PS5 and Xbox Series. Latest arrivals during the early access phase, the red army and the cards of Stalingrad and Kursk will be waiting for a free content update arriving this winter.

It is almost a shame not to extend this beta to both consoles, since the title will eventually be cross-play compatible (but not with the PC). Xbox gamers may however be consoled with an exclusive cosmetic element.


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