A compact and eco-friendly PC at 140€, this startup did it

For all those looking for a Windows PC that is compact, affordable and eco-friendly, the start-up Pentaform offers AbacusBasic. A Windows computer dedicated to office automation, which is displayed at the unbeatable price of only 140 euros. And at this price, the PC offered by Pentaform is not integrated into a tower, nor even into a mini-case, but… into a keyboard. We explain to you.

A PC in a keyboard?

Indeed, the British startup Pentaform is now offering an amazing PC for pre-order, which is integrated into a keyboard. A computer called AbacusBasic, all the components of which are grouped together in a perfectly functional keyboard, which is obviously to be connected to a compatible screen via a VGA or HDMI socket.

On board, of course, you shouldn’t expect a configuration capable of running the next AAAs… or even the old ones. Indeed, the AbacusBasic is powered by an Intel Atom X5-Z8350 processor clocked at 1.44 GHz, which will be associated with 2, 4, or 8 GB of RAM depending on the version chosen. Not enough to capsize the hearts of gamers, but enough to run Windows 10 which will be delivered with the computer.

On the storage side, the basic offer includes a 16 GB eMMC module, with the possibility of opting for a 128 GB model (expandable via microSD card). Despite its low-cost side, we of course find here the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, to connect wirelessly to the home network. Of course, this is a configuration dedicated to performing very simple tasks, such as web browsing, document editing… So no 3D or even 4K video, but a use that is both simple and basic that will suit many users.

An AbacusBasic that also wants to be “green“, since the keyboard is made of recycled plastic, and has a very low power consumption, estimated at only 31 kWh per year according to the start-up. The latter is already available on its official website, from €140, with first deliveries planned for this month of June.

In another vein, at the VivaTech show, it was Dell that distinguished itself with a “revolutionary” PC. Indeed, the American group has unveiled a portable PC with a modular design. The latter allows the user to disassemble and repair his computer ad infinitum, with a particularly bluffing simplicity. A project that stems directly from the “Luna” project announced by the brand a few months ago.

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