a big opportunity on the Nickel Account

In September 2021, the Nickel Account launched against all odds a metal card, a sign of a significant move upmarket in its offer. The establishment that does not want to qualify as a bank, accessible at tobacconists and which has more than 2 million customers, has passed a major milestone and now offers an ultra-complete, international and metal card.

The Nickel Account no longer offers only a standard card and a premium card (Nickel Chrome). The Nickel Metal card comes to cap the top of the range of the establishment. From now on, all customers will be able to find their most suitable card to make Nickel their main account. Should we choose the new Metal Nickel card? We take stock of this opportunity.

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The cheapest metal card?

First, there is the price. We must talk about the prices of this metal card, much lower than those of its competitors in banks and more traditional neobanks. If Revolut requests a subscription at € 13.99 per month, N26 at € 16.90 per month, the Metal Card from the Nickel Account is available for only € 8 per month.

To subscribe, you have to be of age and place the order online, on the site or the application (it is not possible to subscribe to it at a tobacconist). But as with the other cards, the offer is available to everyone, including banking prohibitions and foreigners (190 passports are accepted). Then, you have to commit for one year: Nickel asks to pay the entire year, ie 80 euros for the Metal card and 20 euros for contributions to the Nickel Account.

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For your daily operations, the Nickel Metal card is more advantageous than the classic card and the Nickel Chrome card. You will not pay anything in the event of a withdrawal in France, in the SEPA zone and internationally in foreign currency. Payments are completely free as well.

To be profitable, the Nickel Account will only charge you for less common transactions:

  • € 10 in the event of more than two direct debits rejected during the month,
  • € 1 for a printout of the RIB at a tobacconist,
  • € 1 for a return of your card’s secret code,
  • € 3 for cashing a (new) check,
  • 2% of the amount if you deposit cash at a tobacconist,
  • 2% of the amount if you fund your account by credit card (rather than by transfer)

The advantages of Nickel Metal

We have discussed a first part of the advantages of the new Nickel Metal card, now let’s move on to the characteristics of the card. The Nickel account called on Mastercard to issue it a 14 gram stainless metal card. This is available in black, like a “Black card”. On the front, you will find your first and last name as well as the name of the establishment, the Mastercard logo and the electronic chip. For the sake of confidentiality and simplicity, the card number is displayed on the back.

Nickel Metal

© Nickel

As with other establishments, the offer emphasizes insurance and assistance. In France, on vacation, or during a trip abroad by plane for example, your Nickel Metal card could be useful.

Here is the list of insurance from Nickel Metal:

  • Theft and material damage to the rental vehicle
  • Accident resulting in death or disability
  • Plane or train delay
  • Loss, theft or damage to baggage
  • Trip modification or cancellation
  • Civil liability abroad
  • Snow and mountain (research costs, medical costs)
  • Fraudulent use of your means of payment (reimbursement of the deductible
  • Applicable from 50 euros)
  • Theft of your personal effects (leather goods, identity papers, home keys)
  • Non-delivery or non-compliant delivery when shopping on the internet

Assistance is provided in the event of:

  • Illness or injury
  • Medical fees
  • Death
  • Voyage
Nickel Metal Advantages

Insurance of the Nickel Metal card © Nickel

The Nickel Metal card payment and withdrawal limits are not informed for the simple reason that the establishment offers the card to all of its customers. That said, the policy of the limits of payments and withdrawals of the Nickel account are as follows (determined according to your profile):

Withdrawal limits:

  • Default ceiling: € 300/7 sliding days
  • Level 2 ceiling: € 500/7 sliding days
  • Level 3 ceiling: € 800/7 sliding days

Payment limits:

  • Default ceiling: € 1,500 / 30 rolling days
  • Level 2 ceiling: € 3,000 / 30 sliding days
  • Level 3 ceiling: € 5,000 / 30 sliding days

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Note also that the card offers to pay up to € 20 per month in offline payment, which is not offered at all mobile banks. Offline payment, as it is commonly called, is when the device cannot query the issuing bank credit card or check the account balance when paying (as for car parks, motorway tolls).

All this for barely 8 euros per month. A record on the French banking market, for a metal card and an establishment (which belongs to BNP Paribas) very appreciated and advised by its millions of customers.


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