7 Ways Digital Keyboards Give Beginning Students A Good Start In Learning The Piano


Electronic keyboards and digital pianos are relatively newer than acoustic pianos, but they come with advantages of their own. Here are 7 beginner-friendly ways the modern instrument can jumpstart your learning experience:

Cost. If you’re just starting out and aren’t entirely committed, then a budget keyboard should suffice. Digital keyboards are less expensive and are more cost-effective than their acoustic counterparts.

Size. A digital keyboard doesn’t need much room- you can set it down anywhere you like. The portability and lightweight factor makes it easy to move and bring to school or a family outing.

Versatility. Digital keyboards have unique functions that effectively make you a one-man band, replete with different instrumental sounds without having to get the acoustic version. The DGX-230 model from Yamaha is a fine example of a versatile piano that can do so much more. Yamaha Grand Pianos have a wide range of features and great tones that offer hours of fun and practice for piano enthusiasts and beginners.

Headphone Output. Have the itch to play at night without wanting to disturb the neighbors? Digital keyboards usually have inputs for headphones or earphones you can use for private practice.

Connectivity. Many digital instruments, including digital keyboards can be connected to the PC or Mac using a midi cable. Keyboardists can then make use of educational apps or music software to enhance their playing experience.

Easy Transition. Learning the piano on an 88-key setup is easier as compared to the acoustic version. What’s more, the weighted keys build a tactile feedback and hand strength, prepping beginners to the keys of an actual acoustic piano for when they decide to pursue playing at a more advanced level.

Maintenance. There’s virtually no need to maintain a digital keyboard. The same goes for tuning and tweaking- just sit down, remove the cover and start playing!


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