Although Somewhat More Careful Than ChatGPT, Microsoft’s New Bing Chatbot is Entertaining

Although Somewhat More Careful Than ChatGPT, Microsoft’s New Bing Chatbot is Entertaining:

A select few individuals have had early access to the updated Bing search engine from Microsoft, which has been enhanced with artificial intelligence thanks to ChatGPT creator and company OpenAI.

Sometimes, the new Bing may be more beneficial or at the very least, more entertaining—than the standard blue links in search results. And like ChatGPT, it offers a large amount of data than you would anticipate from a standard search.

Microsoft may become even more lucrative than it currently is if it can convince more consumers to use Bing. Phil Ockenden, finance director for the company’s Windows, devices, and search divisions, said in a conference call with analysts on Tuesday that for every percent that Microsoft gains in advertising, it would pick up $2 billion in additional revenue. Amy Hood, chief financial officer of Microsoft, stated on the call that “this is the biggest software sector that exists, and it’s very lucrative, tremendously enormous, and continually expanding.”

The New Bing Seems To Have Been Turbocharged:

At the very least, consumers may want to give the new Bing a try to see whether it satisfies them better than the conventional search engines that billions of people have become used to over the last 25 years. The new Bing seems like it’s been supercharged.

Instead Of Visiting On A Few URLs, You May Challenge The Results:

Instead than selecting a few links or entering a new query after your search on Bing, you may dispute the results. To provide a comparison, I asked the most recent version of Bing to name the biggest software category, and it responded with “business software” and a Statista reference. Similar information is still shown at the top of the search result page in the new version, but you’ll now discover a text box where you may start a discussion by typing a message. Possibly asking “Really?” And Bing will reply with further details in an effort to support its prior response.

That raises the issue of accuracy. You may, for instance, inquire from the AI-enhanced search engine whether the answer is inaccurate. The new chat feature will also state that “one may argue that search advertising is the biggest software category in the world by revenue,” but it qualifies this statement by stating that there are several criteria by which to assess various software categories. We don’t often notice it while using a search engine. It’s really enjoyable.

The OpenAI chatbot ChatGPT, which has been available since late November, can do a lot of the entertaining tricks that people have become used to seeing it do. And many will undoubtedly test it using Bing’s new chatbot.

In compared to ChatGPT, Bing sometimes returns results that seem to go far beyond what was asked for by relying on OpenAI’s GPT AI model.

Think about the following question: “What movies, music, and works of literature might I watch, listen to, and read if I wished to familiarize myself with the notion of German expressionism?”

The OpenAI program creates three bulleted lists of instances of German Expressionism in literature, music, and cinema when that query is input into ChatGPT. The bullet points are short and to the point, and they include works like Gustav Meyrink’s book “The Golem” and the 1920 film “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” as examples of German Expressionism.

In addition to providing listings of movies, songs, and books that depict German Expressionism, Bing also provides users with more context for the aesthetic style. The end product resembles a Wikipedia page on German Expressionism, replete with footnotes pointing to the relevant sources and illustrations that follow the prompt’s instructions.

Additional Differences Between Bing & ChatGPT:

Additional differences between Bing & ChatGPT Compared to ChatGPT, Microsoft’s enhanced Bing seems to provide better suggestions, at least in relation to the following immediate: Make a workout schedule and a diet plan for me to follow for the next three months. I want to put on 25 pounds of muscle while weighing 125 pounds and being 5 feet 8 inches tall.

When given that prompt, ChatGPT displays a bulleted checklist of a suggested fitness program and diet that is likely to help someone gain 25 kg of muscle in 90 days. The suggestions include exercise (20-Half-hour, two to three times per week), weightlifting (45-60 minutes, four to five times each week), and a meal “rich in protein, healthy fats, & complex carbs.” Salmon with quinoa and veggies and a turkey burger with sweet potato fries are two examples.

However, Bing cautions that gaining 25 kilos in 3 months may not be realistic and that doing so may be “possibly harmful.” Bing noted, according to an article on the Healthline website, that gaining so much muscle growth would “require a lot of genetic potential, drugs, or both.”

Bing advises you to “adjust your expectations and strive for a more fair and sustainable objective, such as 10-15 pounds of muscle in 3 months” since it recognizes the search question’s unquestionably risky assumption.

Let’s Understand With An Example:

The search engine then provides a list of some basic pointers for bulking up, such as increasing the amount of protein in one’s diet, working out, and obtaining enough rest.
The Bing chatbot sometimes chose not to take actions that ChatGPT would. When requested to write an email to workers informing them that some will be let go and others would be recognized for their outstanding performance, Bing objected. But OpenAI happily produced an email, complete with a subject line.

Developing such a message is “a delicate and personal topic that demands human judgement and sensitivity,” according to Bing.

Sometime New Bing May Provide Erroneous Information:

Microsoft & OpenAI have both said explicitly that their chatbots may sometimes provide erroneous information Microsoft wants consumers’ input on its additional features so that it can improve them, according to corporate vice president Yusuf Mehdi.

If You Are Not Satisfied With Answer Window Could Assist You:

And after talking to Bing for a bit, a button with a broom symbol towards the bottom of the window could be able to assist if you aren’t getting the kind of answer you were hoping for. According to Mehdi, clicking it instructs the program to remove the context from previously in the chat.

Microsoft Hasn’t Yet Made The Improved Bing Available To Everyone:

Microsoft hasn’t yet made the improved Bing available to everyone. Although it now needs users to install the Edge browser for MacOS and Windows, anybody may sign up by joining a waiting list.


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