5 Technological Advances That Have Changed Roulette

You’ve played roulette before, right? It’s one of the most popular casino games to have ever existed. Well, technology has changed roulette in lots of different ways, and you need to know about them. 

Over recent years, roulette has progressed into the world of the internet. Now, millions of people are playing it online every single day, both as a hobby and a fun way to pass the time. 

How has technology advanced the experience? Let’s examine. 

  • Better Graphics

The first thing you will notice is how good the graphics are, especially for a browser-based game. 

This is great for a number of reasons. Primarily, better graphics create a better online roulette experience. When you’re watching the ball spin around, your anticipation naturally builds – it’s a great buzz of excitement. The graphics are crisp and clear, which allows you to know right away which color and number the ball has landed on. This isn’t to say that all casinos are at this level. Like with anything in the world, there are varying qualities across different brands. This is why to experience the best graphics, you will need to cross-compare the casinos out there. If you want to play the best online roulette real money games, check out a list of the top-ranked casinos that offer a high-quality experience for players. 

  • Downloadable Apps 

In the iOS and Android app stores, there are now hundreds of roulette apps to download and play. 

Apps are slightly more convenient for people who want to access games faster and more efficiently, as they don’t require you to fire up your web browser and log into an account first. 

The only downside to roulette apps is that they can take up storage space on your smartphone, so make sure to find one or two that you like and stick with them. 

  • Faster Internet 

Technology has changed our internet speeds in a big way. 

With the introduction of 5G technology, people can now play roulette on their smartphones and tablets without having to worry about potential lag or connection drops. When there’s real money involved, this is good to hear. 

Faster internet also means that it’s easier to load up games and fit more into a tight schedule, such as when you’re on a lunch break at work. 

  • Different Online Payment Methods

Back in the old days of the internet, you could only ever gamble by typing in your credit card details. Now, though, this has all changed, as technology has advanced to a point where you can now deposit and withdraw funds in many different ways. 

PayPal? Prepaid cards? Cryptocurrency? These are now accepted by hundreds of online casinos that offer roulette, which gives players greater flexibility and control over their money. 

  • Live, Interactive Gameplay 

Finally, it’s now possible to play ‘live roulette’ online, which is the interactive version of roulette where you communicate with a real human dealer on the other side of the internet. Sometimes, this is done via webcam, which highlights just how far tech has advanced since the early 2000s. 

With the rise of VR headsets, it’s entirely possible that the future will revolve around ‘live’ online casino games where it feels as if you’re physically in a casino with a real human dealer. This is something to keep tabs on, as it will likely arrive over the coming decade. 


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