5 Blackjack rules you should know 

Hit or Stand, Double Down, Insurance. Welcome to the world of Blackjack! Blackjack is undoubtedly one of the most popular casino games all around the world. The aim, as you’ll probably know, of the game is to end up with a set of cards (a hand) totaling 21 and no more. With that said, there are some rules that you should know. 

Before playing seriously, learn these rules. 

  • Hit or Stand

If you want to play Blackjack online for real money, you have to know this rule above all others.

The goal is to create a hand that has a value of 21. If the total value exceeds 21, you have gone bust and lost that hand. So your basic decision when it comes to Blackjack is whether or not to hit (take another card) or stand (end your turn). 

  • Double Down

This decision is a little more complicated than that of standing or hitting. When you double down, you double your initial bet and receive one more card. You must decide to double down before you ‘hit.’ It’s best to double down when you have a strong hand and you want to maximize your potential winnings.

  • Insurance

In Blackjack, don’t forget that you are playing against the dealer. If they show a potential blackjack or natural (two cards totaling 21), the player can take out insurance against the dealer holding a natural blackjack.

The insurance is really a side bet. It must be taken by the player before the dealer looks at the facedown card. The odds are 2/1. Therefore, if the dealer has a natural, the player at least covers their initial bet.

  • Splitting Hands

If you are dealt two hands with the same value at the beginning of the round, you have the opportunity to split the pair so that you are playing two hands of cards against the dealer. You also must match your initial bet.

Obviously, this increases the amount of money you can win or lose. Therefore you need to understand the strategy of splitting cards. For example, a pair of 8s is considered a weak hand as it is easy to bust and relatively easy for the dealer to beat. In this scenario, splitting a pair of 8s and playing two hands would be best. Conversely, if you have a pair of 10s, you have a strong hand and shouldn’t split as you risk holding two weaker hands.

  • Soft 17

When you are holding a soft 17, it means your cards total 17 and includes an Ace. The Ace can be worth 1 or 11. As the player, you have the choice to hit or stand. Depending on the rules, the dealer may have to hit or stand. It does two things when dealers are obliged to hit on a soft 17. First, it increases their chance of busting and their probability of winning the hand. Therefore players benefit from games where the dealer has to stand on a soft 17.

In conclusion, Blackjack is a game with simple rules that can be learned quickly. However, there is also a strategy involved in playing the game. By following the tips in this article, you can increase your chances of winning at Blackjack.


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