4G and 5G modem router: the best mobile hotspots to make the most of the Internet

Which 4G or 5G modem router to buy to make the most of Internet sharing? A mobile hotspot can be handy in that you can easily take it anywhere. It can also be a good alternative for people not served by fiber. Discover our selection of the best available in 2021.

The Nighthawk M5

As a reminder, a modem is used to make the connection between your Internet provider and your home. A router is responsible for broadcasting the signal on your network. And the two can only be one! There are thus modems / routers operating via 4G or 5G networks which allow to benefit from very honest speeds. So much so that they are very practical for people still deprived of optical fiber who must use the Internet in particular for teleworking. Or for those who make regular trips.

Of course, it is possible to share your connection from a smartphone, but this option has its limits, especially for non-occasional uses. One of the most obvious is its huge impact on autonomy. For its part, a 4G or 5G router has several advantages: advanced settings, better quality and range of the signal, reliability… In addition, it has its own battery and does not affect the autonomy of your smartphone. And depending on the needs, it can support more devices.

Nomadic 4G modem: which model should be chosen?

You have two options: opt for the router offered by your operator with the Multi-SIM option and the data plan that goes with it. Or buy the router of your choice yourself and benefit from the best performance suited to your needs. Furthermore, these routers are unlocked, unlike those provided by your operator, which gives you the freedom to choose at any time which SIM card to use.

Note that there are now 5G routers (much more expensive). Except that the country is far from being covered in its entirety. You must therefore check the level of deployment of 5G in your area before opting for a hotspot. And ensure that 5G is on the queen 3.5 GHz band to benefit from the best speeds. We have selected for you 5 of the best hotspots suitable for all purposes.

Le TP-Link M7350 (4G)

Le TP-Link M7350

Very compact, the TP-Link M7350 can reach up to 150 Mbps in download and 50 Mbps in upload. This will allow you to enjoy streaming applications smoothly or surf very quickly. Forget, however, with this hot spot the online game that requires much higher speeds. Capable of supporting 10 devices at the same time, it operates on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi frequency bands (up to three faster).

It also has a 2550 mAh battery that allows it to remain on the attack for 10 hours. It has an OLED screen displaying its battery, information on the network or the power of the network. The M7350 finally has a micro SD card slot. And has the particularity of being very accessible in terms of its price.

Le Netgear Nighthawk AC810 (4G)

Le routeur Nighthawk 4G AC810 Enjoy 4G LTE wherever you go with this router from Netgear. With its downlink mobile speed of up to 600 Mbps, this mobile hotspot will let you surf, download, play (and more) at lightning speed. Weighing barely 200 grams, this router is composed of a touchscreen LCD screen measuring 2.4 inches. Very practical, this one will distill you contextual information on the signal and the state of the network.

Wi-Fi speed is based on dual band 802.11 ac / n / g / b / a (2.4 or 5 GHz). 15 devices can be connected simultaneously to this terminal, whose 2930 mAh battery offers a maximum of 11 hours of autonomy.

Le TP-Link M7650 (4G)

The TP-Link M7650 Portable 4G Router offers great value for money. Like Netgear’s, it is equipped with a color LCD screen giving quick access to all information on the network. This hotspot can reach 300 Mbps at 2.4 GHz or 867 Mbps at 5 GHz. Supporting up to 32 peripherals simultaneously, it holds the road for 15 hours before needing to be recharged, a very respectable score enabled by its 3000mAh battery. You cannot insert a micro-SD card elsewhere, useful for creating a kind of mobile NAS server.

The Huawei B818-263 (4G)

HUAWEI B818-263 router

This router designed by Huawei has undeniable advantages. Especially in terms of its impressive speeds that can go up to 1600 Mbps for download and up to 150 Mbps for upload. You will understand, the speed will indeed be there for your activities on the Web. Especially since it can combine five 4G frequencies at the same time. Based on two Wi-Fi frequency bands (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz), this hot spot can be used by a total of 64 devices at the same time. This can in particular be very practical in a professional context.

The signal strength is indicated by three LEDs arranged on the front. The network is also configurable from the Huawei HiLink application. Finally, it is possible to enhance this router with third-party antennas in order to better receive 4G.

Le Netgear Nighthawk M5 (5G)

The Nighthawk M5

Now it’s time for 5G routers / modems which are obviously still very expensive, the new generation of mobile Internet having just arrived. Manufactured by Netgear, this model can connect up to 32 devices via Wi-Fi 6. Which allows a speed that can reach 1.8 Gbit / s for download. You will be able to carry out all kinds of tasks very quickly. Like having smooth video conferences or playing online without any hassle or annoying latency.

We also appreciate its 5040 mAh battery that can last 13 hours without giving up, even if the old models managed to double this figure. Blame it on 5G, which consumes a lot of energy. Note also its 2.4-inch touch screen distilling a myriad of valuable information on data, signal and the network as a whole. Its price targeting the summits may however discourage more than one.

Le Huawei CPE Pro (5G)

With Huawei CPE Pro

Less expensive than the previous model, this Huawei router distills a standard 6 Wi-Fi connection for a maximum of 64 media. With this hotspot, the speeds can be very high, namely up to 1.6 Gbit / s for download and 150 Mbit / s for upload. In order for the signal to be faster, it also has two very sensitive Dual X Full Sub 6 GHz antennas. Its dual-polarized brown antennas also provide 360-degree coverage. It is perfectly suited to mobile use.


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