4 Tips That Every Game Developer Should Hear

Being a creative individual who is into computers, you may be inclined towards developing games that can help the world better understand your stories. Game developers play around with characters and designs and build a virtual world that will keep millions of people worldwide glued to their screens. It is not an easy feat to conquer, and any tips can come in handy regardless of your experience in the field!

What’s the Gaming Industry Like Right Now?

Despite the many hurdles, the gaming industry is expected to see an increase of 30% in the coming three years! Gaming subscriptions are expected to increase by 9% per year. The sudden boost can be attributed to the introduction of microtransactions. It is surely a good time to jump-start your career in gaming development.

4 Useful Tips for Game Developers

1. The Art Is as Important as the Code

When it comes to successful games, their code and art hold equal importance. The art style can be pixel-based like in Hyper Light Drifter or more artistic, as in Monument Valley 2. However, rendering 3D models by yourself can be a hassle. The team at https://www.atomontage.com has built a product capable of mixing and remixing almost any 3D content and allows you to share and edit it simultaneously with your partners. The art style reflected in the game will set the mood for the story, making it a vital process of the development stage. 

2. Become a Part of the Community

Starting out in the game development industry is no easy task, and engaging with the community can be an excellent resource. You will be able to build connections, communicate with developers that are starting out, and get help from the established ones in the industry. You can learn from hundreds of blog posts, ask questions, and receive valuable feedback on your projects. It also creates room for potential collaborations in the future!

3. Play Around with Concepts

If you are starting out in the industry, experimenting with numerous concepts will be worth it. As a game developer, you have the ability to produce sandbox, shooter, action-adventure, and even real-time strategy projects. Brainstorming can allow you to come up with ideas that can optimize your upcoming game to better suit the industry’s current trends. 

4. Share Your Work

An excellent piece of advice in the gaming industry is to share your work regularly. Not only does it help you build a portfolio, but it will also open you up to constructive criticism from your peers. Do not keep your creations to yourself, and let your followers know what you are working on; it can be a great tool in attracting potential game developers and investors who think alike.

When Should You Market Your Game?

The truth is, all the time! For a game to be successful, people need to know that it exists. It does not matter if you are on the project solo or with a giant corporation. Market your game from its inception to its completion on social media. Get the people interested and eager to try it out!

Being a game developer, you will always be practicing your skills. It sounds exhausting, but the good news is that it will keep the gateways to creativity open. Be persistent, educate yourself, and build a diverse portfolio to better your chances of success in the industry.


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