2023’s Best Nintendo Switch Controllers

2023’s Best Nintendo Switch Controllers:

It’s normal for a system to get many versions and peripherals in response to the important launch of a new game in a popular series. Like the Nintendo Switch, there are a variety of Pro Controllers with distinctive designs based on some of Nintendo’s most popular properties. If you’re looking for a new controller, we’ve compiled a list of what Pro Controllers are available so you can select which one you want if you can get your hands on them.

The Nintendo Switch Is One Of The Best-Selling Consoles Of All Time:

These are the finest Nintendo Switch controllers to look at if you want to add more or alternative inputs to your device. The Nintendo Switch is one of the best-selling consoles of all time, and with the new Switch Lite and Switch OLED, that trend should continue. When building the Switch, Nintendo devoted close attention to portability.

Pro Controller For The Nintendo Switch:


Dimensions: 6.1 x 5.7 x 2.5 inches
Yes, Rumble.
Yes, there is motion control.
Yes, there is an NFC.


+Extremely comfortable design +Sturdy sticks & buttons +NFC, rumble, and motion controls


-Expensive -Meh d-pad

First, let’s clear the air with the original. The regular Pro Controller has a plain black finish with a somewhat see-through shell that allows you to view some of the controller’s internal components as well as some fascinating patterns due to its shape and design. Apart than that, it is the most basic form of the Pro Controller. It’s sleek, comfortable, and to the point.

Special Edition of Monster Hunter Rise:

Monster Hunter has long been a Nintendo system mainstay, so it seems to reason that the series will get its own Special Edition Pro Controller from the company. This controller has a golden decal of the Magnamalo, Monster Hunter Rise’s main monster, stretched over its surface, as well as golden & black arrows in a compass motif on its D-pad. It’s an excellent homage to a series that Nintendo as well as its fans both love and appreciate.

Nintendo Joy-Con Controller:


Dimensions: 4 x 1.4 x 1.1 inches
Yes, rumble.
Yes, there is motion control.
Yes, there is an NFC.


+Comes in a choice of colors +Includes HD rumble, NFC, and motion control



Although the Switch comes with two Joy-Cons, it never hurt to have an additional pair or two on hand for multiplayer games. Each Joy-Con can function as a standalone mini-controller, making them the ideal Nintendo Switch controller to lend to a buddy for casual games like Super Mario Party or Overcooked. And, since Joy-Cons available in a variety of colours, purchasing a new pair is an excellent way to customize your Switch. If you just need one Joy-Con, Nintendo offers them separately.

Special Edition of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter has a second Special Edition Controller, which was released with the massive DLC for Monster Hunter Rise, Sunbreak. This controller has a similar look to the previous, with the DLC’s main monster, the Malzeno, spreading over the left side with a silver finish, and black decals of leaves on the right side. If you can acquire both, it combines well with the other controller and is another another excellent homage to the franchise for fans.

Wireless Controller PowerA Nano Enhanced:

The Nano is intended for travel, and it even comes with a handy storage bag, but it’s also suitable for children or anybody with little hands. Also, although the shell is smaller, the buttons are full size, which is normally a good thing. However, while I was button mashing fiercely in a few of games, I would often miss the Y button & hit the Home button instead, which isn’t ideal when you’re in the heat of a fight. At the very least, the mappable buttons on the back of the controller allowed for a solution.

I found that the Bluetooth range on mine is a few feet less than that of the full-size version. It’s a simple fix that requires sitting closer to the Switch and is an acceptable trade-off for an on-the-go Pro-style controller.

PowerA Wired Controller Plus Manufacturer:


cheaper than Nintendo-branded alternatives
Couch co-op requires a 10-foot cable.
Lovely designs


Wire may get tangled.

While some individuals want to carry their Switch systems everywhere they go, others seldom remove them from the dock. If you fall into the latter group and often play with others, PowerA’s Wired Controller Plus may serve as an excellent second controller.

It comes with a 10-foot cord, allowing you to use it from your sofa, and it has a button layout that is virtually similar to the Pro Controller. It is also available in two Nintendo-themed versions including Mario and Zelda. The issue is that they’re difficult to come by these days.

If you’re not a fan of wired controllers, there’s an improved version of PowerA’s Controller that utilities Bluetooth so you don’t have to be attached to your console.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition GameCube Controller


In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate competitions, you may earn points.
Excellent ergonomics when compared to newer Switch controllers.



Both are accessible for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Switch, providing longtime players with the familiar and beloved control scheme. The adapter is similar to the one used for the Wii U, so if you still have one, you can put it into your Switch, giving you sufficient ports for everyone in the match to utilize a GameCube controller.

The GameCube Controller is a one-of-a-kind beast, which may be why it’s best to just support it on future systems than than try to replicate it. Its C-stick, asymmetrical button arrangement, and ergonomic design makes it a must-have for any Smash Bros. fan, but it’s even being replicated for fighting enthusiasts who don’t want to use one of the Switch’s newer controllers.

PowerA Wireless Enhanced Controller


There are around 40 bespoke designs available.
Several adjustable buttons
Cheaper than a Pro Controller

As previously stated, Nintendo’s controls do not allow for much customization. Even the costly Pro Controller is basically a “take it or leave it” proposition. PowerA, thankfully, rectified this with their Enhanced Wireless Controller. This wireless version has a similar style to the Pro Controller but with more buttons to improve your gaming experience. The greatest thing, though, is that you may choose from about 40 different character designs when you purchase on PowerA’s Amazon website. We’re sure you can’t stop at just one, even if these controllers are almost as collectable as Funkopops.

At first appearance, the PowerA resembles the Pro Controller. It may not seem to be very unusual with identically positioned analogue sticks and the identical face buttons, shoulder buttons, and triggers. The directional pad is significantly smaller than the alternatives, yet it performed well throughout our tests. It’s also much lighter since it runs on regular AA batteries. The Pro Controller, on the other hand, has an inbuilt battery pack.

Is the Switch Pro Controller superior than the Joy-Cons?

In general, the Pro Controller has several advantages that the Jon-Cons do not. For one thing, the Pro Controller feels more like a standard game-pad, such as that seen on the PS5 or Xbox Series X. When compared to the Joy-Cons’ “drift” difficulties, it also has more dependable analogue sticks. Because of the size and style of the gadget, playing shooters with the Pro Controller will enable you to be more accurate with your shots.

How should you choose the best Nintendo Switch controller?

When deciding on the ideal controller for your purposes, you must first decide on the form factor. Perhaps you want something fashioned more like a PlayStation or Xbox controller, or you like the Joy-Cons that come with the Switch. Perhaps you’d like a whole different form to better fit the games you’re playing. Before proceeding, make this decision.

The next major decision is whether to go wired or wireless. The Switch supports both Bluetooth & USB connections, however if you’re not docked or have a dock-less Switch Lite, you only have one USB-C port to utilize. If you want to use your Switch on the go, Bluetooth is probably the best choice.

The last major consideration when selecting the best Nintendo Switch controller for you is whether you want or need the additional capabilities of the standard Switch controllers, such as rumble, motion controls, and NFC. You don’t need any of these to play games on the Switch, but if you have Amiibos or play games that need motion controllers, you’ll need one. Rumble is less important, but it is still a factor to consider while purchasing.


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