Scientists have discovered an easy way to find out the lie of a person


Admit it that reading a person’s mind is a pretty good talent but sadly not everyone can have it, but what if you get an expert scientists easy methodology to detect a lie? Well recently the psychologist have discovered that people tend to change their language when they are about to speak a lie.

Scientists have discovered an easy way to find out the lie of a person
Scientists have discovered an easy way to find out the lie of a person

However this highly depends on the cultural background of the people, according to the Professor Paul Taylor of the Lancaster University in the United Kingdom,” Science has come a long way known that people use language change when they lie”.

Though the research says that those changes in the language looks like are not really the same or true for all the cultures.

The researchers asked the participants that belonged to different cultures and communities like the Black African, South Asian and White European and also the white British Ethnicity to complete the catch a liar task in which they provided genuine and false statements.

With deep analysis the researchers found out that the western people lie with the first person “ I”  with very few times using themselves in the picture and the pronouns than the statements of the truth tellers.

There is a common finding that all the liars distance themselves from the whole situation and try to avoid the whole situation. Though this is not the same case when an African or South Asian as they tend to use more of themselves in the picture when they are lying instead of the third person unlike the white Europeans.

Now why is this so? Even though they are given the same situation to lie about why both the two different races people lied in another way.

The Africans and Asians reduced the social group or third party involving in their lie’s for some reason not only this but while examining the lie’s the scientists even noticed that both the races has expressed their contextual details in different patterns.

The white Europeans and the white British tried to reduce the perceptual difference between their lie and the information that they have provided to the listener.

And similarly the black Africans and the Asians make more use of the perceptual information while they are speaking out a lie to the listener; the researchers were shocked seeing the different patterns of lying and how people say their lie in their own way.

The researchers say that the Africans and the Asians make more use of the perceptual information in their lie as they are making are trying to compensate for making less use of the third party in the beginning.

The result of this research say that the linguistic details of this do not appear consistently among all the cultures however they are quite a bit present in almost every culture.

This has implications from everything which even includes the forensic risks and assessments and even discrimination.

In the current scenario where law enforcement and justice has asked for greater cultural diversity of suspect it will be important for us to use these findings in the scenarios to depict anything.

Kajal Gupta
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