Smartphone motion sensors could reveal the password, a report says.

Hackers can steal your passwords and pin numbers just by the tilt of a phone, warn experts who have revealed that how easily a malicious websites can spy on you. A new study has found that the users of smartphone could be exposing their PINs and passwords with just a tilt of their phone.

Cyber experts at New Castle University in the United Kingdom were able to guess a password just by tracking the movement of a device and shown that it is possible to crack four digit PINs with 70-75 percent accuracy on the first guess and it took only five attempts to get 100 percent accuracy. This can easily be done just by using the data collected via the numerous internal sensors of the phone.

The researchers explain that Malicious Websites and apps can spy on your activity using motion sensors built in to smartphones and tablets and when you type a password, the program can analyze the movement of your device to work out the characters. The smartphone sensors vary considerably, they are related to GPS, to cameras and also to microphones. There can be as many as 25 different types on mobile devices. Experts found that Pin numbers and passwords could be deciphered relatively easily this way.

They found that each user touch action, scrolling, holding, tapping and clicking induce a unique motion trace and orientation on a known webpage, the team was able to guess what part of the page the user was tapping and what they were typing.

According to the findings published in the international Journal of Information Security, the sensors are found almost in all smartphones barring some, but there is no easy way of securing them from malicious programs. This is more worrying and troubling because most of the people are unaware of the security risks associated with the internal sensor of the smartphone.

The study also revealed that it is not only just smartphones that can decipher sensitive information but also other connected and mobile devices that also includes wearable tech like personal fitness trackers and tablets. The hidden motion sensors in mobile phones can also allow criminals to steal personal banking details and passwords.