Ripple’s Price to Go Sky High, Thanks to Possible Partnership with Google Pay: Rumors


Ripple is one of the hottest cryptocurrencies out in the world these days. Every time when it announces a new partnership, its price soars to new highs. In past few days company has announced partnerships with many major companies, which include MoneyGram, Western Union and major banks of the world. But now it seems that this cryptocurrency is about to get its biggest partnership till date – a partnership with Google!

Ripple’s Price to Go Sky High, Thanks to Possible Partnership with Google Pay: Rumors
Ripple’s Price to Go Sky High, Thanks to Possible Partnership with Google Pay: Rumors

That’s right. Latest rumors are suggesting that an integration of Ripple with Google Pay is just around the corner. Google Pay is the rebranded version of company’s payment services, and right now Big G is also looking for ways to make it more mainstream than it has ever been. An integration of Ripple may become the right tool to achieve that goal. For Ripple, on the other hand, it may result in wider adoption among public as trust about it will increase.

Ripple has already made a strong base for the long term of its future. By partnering with major payment processors and banks it has done the groundwork needed to achieve success in the world of global finance. Now a partnership with Google Pay may position this cryptocurrency even more nicely in the game. And the result will be a steady and meteoric rise in the valuation of XRP.

According to experts Ripple may touch the $600 mark by the end of this year if this partnership with Google materializes into reality. Now, this is a bold claim, because right now Ripple’s price is hovering around $1. But even if this $600 mark isn’t reached, there’re handsome gains to be made for investors if a partnership with Google turns into reality.

However, I’ll still suggest you to pay attention to your cryptocurrency trades, as these trades come with significant volatility. You should invest only as much as you can afford to lose. It’s also possible that this partnership with Google doesn’t turn into reality, so like other rumors take this one too with a grain of salt. But yes – if an announcement is indeed done about this partnership, we’ll be among the first ones to inform you about it, so keep checking back.

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